Realizing What Was Missed

Week 2 of the Monument Avenue 10K Training!

So last night I was playing Rogue Trader (one of those RPG things you may have heard about… yes, I am a geek) and the DM did give The Husband and I (everyone really) a chance to call it at a certain point… but I was having fun and didn’t want to stop.  So we stayed up rather late.

The Husband commented this morning he didn’t remember the last time I snoozed through an alarm.  Several times.

Waking up was tough.  All I wanted to do was curl back up in my nice warm bed… the chill in the air was doing nothing for my mood.  Still in all, since we would be missing training with the group next week, I didn’t want to skip to go running indoors later in the day.  I wanted to do what needed to be done.

Slipped on my double socks, double shirt, double gloves and headed out the door.  Even though I got a new pair of ASICS to replace my old ones, I did head out in the old since I knew I would be sleepy and slow and cold… and breaking in new shoes in front of strangers would just add insult to my various injuries.

Today was 2 miles.  I turned on my music and headed out.  In what had to be a freakish turn of events, after the first mile I took off my gloves.  My fingers never feel warm, much less overheated… but there you have it.

Despite the cold and despite the relative lack of sleep (I tend to be the early to bed, early to rise type), I quickly found my grove in the music.  I blissed out on running.  Even the last uphill, tough and never-ending as it was, felt great.  I realized I missed that feeling very much that year… the sheer joy of running.  Not comparing myself to others (because right now I am still quite slow) but having pride and joy in what my body could do.  It felt good to be alive! 

(The good news is that after the run I noted another nice improvement in my pace… so far, so good!)

Week 2 completed.  This week I have to break in my new shoes s’more (and OMG, attach the bells!) and get in some good cross training (Hello Core! I am coming for you).  Next week we’ll likely not be training with the group, but The Husband and I are on track to keep on track.

Such a good feeling, I love it!

Coming From Far and Farther To Go!

Today was the first day of Monument Avenue 10K training, and what a first day it was!

The Husband and I (as I may have eluded to earlier) have been doing running training since the 1st of the year; we actually began on the first and have kept to schedule using a Couch-to-5K Trainer.  Since we both were versed in the art before, we did skip ahead a little bit, so today’s first run, a 1-miler, was not going to be too bad.  (In fact, since it wouldn’t be so bad and shorter than normal, I fit in a 30 minute session with Gilad before heading out).

Of course, the weather had other ideas.  I’m not sure if what The Husband showed me on his smart phone was the actual weather or the wind-chill factor, but the number was 17.


Of course we knew it would be a freeze day.  Based on my previous experience with cold weather runs (this is cold for me, don’t laugh), I doubled up on socks, shirt and had nice think gloves that worked nicely with my iPhone.  For the first time ever, my methods worked, and my body was not cold to the point that I could not feel my fingers, chest or toes!  Even the rear managed to somehow not feel like a block of ice, which is normally the case… and horrible since it is so large. :P

Running was fun.  I pushed myself as much as I could.  Early in the run I could feel myself start feeling a bit frustrated as many folks passed me from the get-go.  This is normal and to be expected; there have been and certainly will be people who are faster than me.  I had to push those thoughts out quickly, as well as thoughts of the B’klynHeart of yesteryear who could run faster than me.  I’m not trying to compare myself to any of those people.

Instead, I focused on breathing and focused on my movement.  Get those shoulders relaxed, get those fists un-clenched.  Make sure your foot is striking where it should.  Oooh, watch out for ice!

There was an additional thought that crept in while running, and that was in spite of the warm weather gear I was wearing, I was breathing in very cold air very rapidly.  It wasn’t quite pleasant.

… however, before I knew it, the mile was done!  It’s funny; I had a playlist of songs to keep me occupied and on pace (music works particularly well for me), but I barely remember listening to it.  Instead, I listened to my body.  I pushed where I could, and celebrated whatI could do rather than chastised for what I couldn’t.

In the end, while my pace was not near where I was when I left off, it was very much improved over when I started again on the 1st.  It felt cold, but good and inspiring.  The miles will get longer, but the air will get warmer.  

Last year, I joined the training in an attempt to keep me interested in running… or just really to keep me running.  It failed miserably as I fell into my 2012 funk.  This year, I joined training because I want to train.  I want to run, to make progress in myself and feel good about myself.

So far it is working… can’t wait to hit the road again!

The State of The Me - January 2013

What a year 2012 was.  It was the year I let myself go.

I won’t get too far into the nitty-gritty details.  Suffice it to say that I had many things happen to me or around me that were outside of my control.  I basically used food for its instant gratification comfort, ate out a lot, and eventually stopped exercising almost altogether.  I’d have spurts where I’d start again… but then I’d sink back into depression about things outside of my control.

For Christmas, The Husband and I got sick.  Didn’t even get to go out and see the family.

So while I was down and sick, I thought about life.  I thought about those things that were outside of my control.  I thought about the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

I also thought about how much I hated being so sick all the time.  

January 1st, the me who hates the whole January 1st resolution thing… made some resolutions.  And so far they are all sticking.

Food is not the solution when the problem is not hunger.  So I’ve been tackling my issues head-on.

I’ve exercised a normal amount each and every day.  I aim for 30 minutes after waking, and this has worked out well for my general well being.

The Husband and I have actually started seriously training running again.  Here’s me, starting over again for the 50th time in the past 10 months… but we’ve stuck to schedule and are making progress.

There are other changes that I won’t get into, but I can say that my 2013 so far has been fabulous.  The changes I’ve made have made a difference in my well being of mind, body and soul.  I re-discovered that while I am no athlete, I love being athletic.  Even if it is just a brisk walk or Gilad in the morning.  Especially the running.

It feels good to move!

So one of my short term goals is to once again train for the Monument 10K… but this time seriously.  Last year was my fall apart training… this year is my pulling it back together.

So the state of me this year… I’m in a really good place.  I make small changes and build on those changes.  I’m feeling happy and healthy.  I am seeing modest improvements and I’m absolutely okay with it.  

I like 2013 so far, and have good feelings for it.  I’ll check back with you in February, or the MONTH OF THE AGENING!

(Why worry?  I’m already old!)

Look out Monument 10K!  I’ll be there this year… with bells on!


This was so my life this morning when out for my morning run.

Cameron - Me

The Car - My running feet

Ferris - The voice in my head that told me to run up “Death Hill” for a change…

Like Cameron, I eventually went.  And I turned out better for it.

True story!

I Just Took A Nap Where I Had A Dream

… and I won’t bore you with the details (haha, too late!) but it winds up at a physical fitness testing facility.  

We walk inside (for there are a few of us in our little group) and find before us a gym with all sorts of fitness equipment and an indoor track.

We have five minutes.  I immediately hit the track. 

I get aware of others watching me from an observatory window.  I don’t care (aside from noting it), I just keep running.

I become aware that perhaps I was supposed to do something with the water noodle that was given me.  I don’t care (aside from ditching it at some point), I just keep running.

I become aware that perhaps I was supposed to do 2 activities within the five minutes.  I don’t care (now that I’m into it), I just keep running.

really become aware that the track is hard.  Right now, I’m sure it’s just crazy dream stuff, nothing’s ever regular, is it?  There are folks doing construction, random pillars, a stair case.  I don’t care.  I run around the objects and just keep booking.

I become aware that my fellow test subjects are now sitting (in various sitting spots at this strange, dream-scape indoor gym… which was very red and yellow, I might add except I don’t want to bore you haha).  I stop next to one and ask, “Is the five minutes up?”

"Yes," she says coolly, not looking up from her survey.  (We’re supposed to fill out a survey about how we feel, you see.)

"Ah," I reply, striving to remember where I left my gear, including the survey form and the mechanical pencil I had trouble deciding on earlier).  "I didn’t hear a timer or buzzer go off."

She actually pauses to shoot me a dirty look.  ”Some of us don’t need timers.”  She returns to her work.

In the dream, I suddenly felt bad.  I wouldn’t naturally know when five minutes of running is up.  Her tone hurt my feelings, and I felt bad mentioning it.

In my waking state?  Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, to run and run and run until you can’t run anymore.  Maybe its 30 seconds.  Maybe it’s 30 minutes.

I’m no dream analyst.  It could entirely turn out this is not the case, or my brain just dumping data but… I think maybe… maybe my brain is confirming that I want it again.  

I want to run.  Run not to a watch but to my heart’s content.

I can live with that.

Why have I always felt this way about running?  At least after all this time I still go out there and do.  Just maybe not well.

Why have I always felt this way about running?  At least after all this time I still go out there and do.  Just maybe not well.

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Week 3: 2012-06-10 to 2012-06-16

The goals so far:

- At least 30 minutes of activity a day

- 10K steps a day

I think I want to keep it here, and next week we’ll bump up the fitness minutes (if I haven’t already done so already).  

Also hoping that the husband will be ready for week 3 after one more week 2 running session.  If not, it’ll surely be week 2.

Sunday,  June 10 - 30 minute running training (week 2 Personal Running Trainer)

Monday, June 11 - 30 minute step

Tuesday, June 12 - 30 minute running training (week 3 Personal Running Trainer)

Wednesday, June 13 - 30 minute arms and abs workout

Thursday, June 14 - 30 minute running training (week 3 Personal Running Trainer)

Friday, June 15 - 30 minute step

Saturday, June 16 - 30 minute arms and abs workout